CMS Evaluation

Our Mission:

Helping organizations plan, fund and implement program evaluations.

What We Do:

CMS Evaluation, LLC, is a two-person company. Sybille Guy and Mary Ellen Dello Stritto have decades of experience in research design, evaluation, and statistical analysis, including using SPSS and other analysis tools in market research, non-profit, and academic settings. We also have expertise in program development and qualitative research. Together, we help non-profit and government agency clients:

• Plan data-rich and useful evaluations, including survey design, selecting best research instruments, and customized data gathering strategies
• Implement data collection, using state-of-the-art research tools
• Understand what program evaluation is and how it will increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness
• Conduct evaluations designed to meet foundation and funder requirements

CMS Evaluation, LLC, conducts program evaluations that are meant to be understood and used. We provide clients with reports that present clear and simple findings ready to share with staff, funders, boards of directors and other stakeholders. We are connected to a strong network of evaluation professionals that we collaborate with when needed.