photo_12008_20100129How We Work:

We will help you assess your needs and answer your questions throughout the project. The first step will be to assess your evaluation needs. If your evaluation is part of a grant, we will help you assess and meet the funder requirements. We will guide you from project conception to completion.

Finding Funding for Program Evaluations:

If funding is needed to support a program evaluation, we can help by identifying potential funders and writing grant proposals for evaluation projects.

Research Instrument Development:

CMS Evaluation, LLC will work with you to determine the most appropriate research instruments and help you develop effective surveys and other tools. We will help your organization carefully assess your needs to ensure that you will be able to gather all the data you need initially, rather than scrambling “after the fact.”

Data Entry:

CMS Evaluation, LLC coordinates the entry of data from surveys and other research instruments into data analysis programs such as SPSS. We can enter data ourselves as part of your project, or guide your organization in entering data internally. Internal data entry is one way to conserve resources for your project. Alternatively, if your organization is already using or is interested in online data collection, we can help with programming and management.

Data Analysis:

CMS Evaluation, LLC will analyze the quantitative and qualitative data collected for your evaluation. We have vast collective expertise in using SPSS and other statistical software, along with experience analyzing open ended questions and other types of data.

Evaluation Report:

Every program evaluation conducted by CMS Evaluation, LLC results in a comprehensive report in your choice of format that presents research results, featuring these components:

  • Research Design Summary: Description of specific surveys and other instruments used in the program evaluation
  • Summary of Findings: Concise report of major themes and significant findings
  • Recommendations: Specific recommendations to improve or change programs or projects, based on research results
  • Detailed Findings: Complete analysis for more deeper and detailed understanding, such as statistical results for each question in a survey